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Nature Blinds- The Tree Blind

Nature Blinds- The Tree Blind
#332 Nature Blinds- The Tree Blind


Introducing the TreeBlind™

What do you get when a master Hollywood Set Designer decides to build a hunting blind? The most realistic hunting blind ever.

The TreeBlind™ is shaking up the hunting and outdoors industry with many giant leaps in technology. Aesthetically, it completely fools the eye with no right angles, no straight lines, nothing appearing man-made with real bark texture surfaces that look and feel like the real thing down to the smallest details.

But the real treat is stepping into the roomy and luxurious 6'10" tall interior with 360 degree views, fully carpeted floors, and our patented silent magnetic sliding windows. The fully-enclosed, lockable, polyurethane shell keeps the weather and critters out, blocks sounds, blocks scents, and keeps you comfortable year round with its industry-leading floor to ceiling seamless encapsulated insulation.

If you had to describe it one word...perfect.



  • Bark Texture Window Surface
  • One-Way Viewing
  • 6 Windows for 360° Views
  • Hand Painted Exterior
  • UV Stabilized Hard Surface
  • Integrated Drainage System
  • Seamless Construction
  • Most Insulated Blind on the Market


  • Silent Window System
  • Magnetic Latch Windows
  • Accommodates Two Tall Hunters
  • Blacked-Out Interior
  • Fully Carpeted Floor
  • Quietest Blind on the Market
  • Keeps Your Scent Inside


Delivery available within 200 miles, call for pricing.


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